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Guitar is a super fun and addictive game. Become a rock star and crush the guitar playing several songs. Dispute duels with your friends and try to put your name on the hall of fame of the best players.

  Play Real Guitar Games! Real Guitar Games is a very fun game!
How To Play:
Real Guitar is one of the most realistic guitar simulator apps featuring a user-friendly interface and an awesome sound quality. All the notes have been recorded from the live acoustic guitar. With the help of Real Guitar you can easily strum, pluck, and strike the strings to play the chord of any complexity and figure out your favourite tunes, riffs and songs or make up your own. You can learn and master new chords and jingles with Real Guitar, as well.
A huge chords database with tabs (tablature)
Solo mode
Hi-Fi sound
On-the-fly chords switching
Two type of guitars: with nylon and steel strings
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